Mediation, Collaborative Law & Use of Parent Facilitator/Parent Coordinator


Texas courts often require family law cases to go through mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution that utilizes an impartial third party (a mediator) to help facilitate a resolution between the parties.

There are many benefits to mediation. It is efficient, economical and confidential. If a settlement is reached on some or all issues, the parties can minimize the delay and expense of unnecessary litigation.

While mediation is a helpful tool for many couples, each party should have independent legal counsel to ensure that their interests are being protected.   We can guide you through the process.

At Naylor & Naylor, a family law firm in Fort Worth, Steve and Kimberly offer experienced representation in mediation.  Kimberly is a trained mediator and has completed advanced negotiation skills courses through Harvard University. As a result, both Steve and Kimberly understand the complexity of mediation and specifically the strategies necessary for effective negotiating.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is another type of alternative dispute resolution. The parties in a collaborative law case agree to resolve matters without the Court’s intervention.  The parties work together with attorneys and experts to reach a resolution to their case that meets the goals they have set.

Collaborative law is a process that attempts to avoid the emotional strain and cost of litigation.  Both parties communicate openly and strive toward feasible resolutions in good faith. Without the threat of litigation, attorneys are able to help parties focus on their goals and reach an amicable resolution.

Both Steve and Kimberly are trained in collaborative law.

Parent Facilitator and Parent Coordinator

Utilizing a Parent Facilitator or Parent Coordinator is another alternative to traditional litigation and is utilized most in high-conflict cases.  The goal of a Parent Facilitator or Parent Coordinator is to help the parties develop solutions for promoting co-parenting and avoiding damaging, acrimonious battles.

Kimberly is a trained Parent Facilitator and Parent Coordinator.  Both Steve and Kimberly also represent clients undergoing the parent facilitation process.


To learn more about mediation, collaborative law or parent facilitation — and to learn how our attorneys can assist you in each of those areas as well as traditional family law litigation — contact Naylor & Naylor at (817) 348-0007.