Planning and Preparing for Your Temporary Orders Hearing (K. Naylor) 2017 Marriage Dissolution Institute.

Modification (S. Naylor) Texas Bar College 18th Annual Summer School, 2016.

Creative Possession Schedules (K. Naylor) State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting, 2016 and Advanced Family Law 2012.

Child Support Enforcement and Possession (S. Naylor) State Bar of Texas Annual Meeting, 2016.

Enforcement: Possession, Access, Child Support and Property Division (S. Naylor) Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar, 2015.

Common Law, Informal and Putative Marriage (S. Naylor) 2013 Marriage Dissolution Institute.

Characterization and Tracing (S. Naylor) 2012 Marriage Dissolution 101.

Venue, Standing and Jurisdiction (S. Naylor) 2011 Marriage Dissolution 101.

The Not So Easy to Identify Employee Deferred Compensation Plans and Relevant Issues in their Identification, Taxation, Valuation and Characterization (J. Loveless and K. Naylor) 2006 Advanced Family Law Course.

When the Agreement Isn’t Agreeable – Defending and Attacking Mediated Settlement Agreements (J. Loveless and K. Naylor). 2001 Advanced Family Law Course.