International Divorce Attorneys

International issues frequently arise in family law cases.  We have extensive experience in these complex cases and can assist you in your international case.

Property Division

Each country has its own laws regarding how to value, divide and transfer property. Complex issues arise in establishing or determining jurisdiction as well as enforcing judgments overseas.

Other challenges can arise in international property division regarding the proper valuation and appraisal of property. If you and your spouse entered a premarital or postmarital agreement in another country, additional hurdles can arise.

Child Custody

Child custody determinations must generally be made in the country of the child’s primary residence. Unfortunately, there are situations where a parent may try to take the child to another country.

Both Steve and Kimberly have experience with these cases.  The United States and many other countries are signatories to The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, a treaty designed to prevent parents from absconding across international borders to evade child custody proceedings in their home countries.

Experience in Handling International Issues

At Naylor & Naylor, a family law firm in Fort Worth, Texas, Steve and Kimberly handle international divorce matters on a regular basis.

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