High Asset Divorces and Complex Divorce Issues

Complex legal issues often arise in divorce cases involving assets of high value, multiple property holdings, business interests, international property and other unique situations. In such cases, property division tends to be a contested issue.

You may be concerned about retaining your assets or perhaps you are worried that you don’t know what assets your spouse may have.  There may be characterization issues related to property you have inherited or has been given to you as a gift.  Whether you created your own fortune from the ground up or inherited your wealth, protecting your property interests is a critical part of the divorce process.

Experienced in High Asset Family Law Matters

At Naylor & Naylor, a family law firm in Fort Worth, Texas, we have extensive experience helping clients navigate the intricate legal issues that arise in high asset divorce cases. Our attorneys and staff have years of combined experience in family law.

We represent clients from all walks of life, from business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, dentists and spouses of successful professionals.

Comprehensive Approach

Although your property may be an important aspect of your case, there are many other interests and priorities that must always be considered.  You may want to continue to have a positive relationship with your ex-spouse – especially if children are involved.

We understand how to take a comprehensive approach to your case and consider all of your objectives.  We also commonly rely on the expertise of financial experts, appraisers, tax advisers and other trusted professionals to analyze your case.

Zealous Advocacy

At Naylor & Naylor, we are zealous advocates for our clients’ interests. Our firm is committed to going the extra mile in every case. We understand the magnitude of the issues you are facing, and we accord each of those issues our highest priority. Clients appreciate our willingness to invest the time, effort and attention necessary to prevail.

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