Kimberly Naylor

Kimberly Naylor, AttorneyKimberly Naylor graduated law school from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1995 and has practiced family law exclusively for the past 28 years.  She was previously a partner with Loveless & Naylor and in 2017 joined forces with her husband, Steve to form Naylor & Naylor, P.L.L.C.

Kimberly handles exclusively family law litigation matters and is also trained in collaborative law.  She is a trained family law mediator and graduate of the Harvard University – Advanced Negotiations Skills Program. Kimberly is also trained and serves as a Parent Coordinator and Parent Facilitator. She has been named a Texas Rising Star by Texas Monthly and currently serves on the Grievance Committee for the State Bar of Texas.


B.A., University of North Texas. 1991
J.D., Texas Tech University School of Law, 1995


Board Certified – Family Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization


40 hours of Training in Mediation – 1995
30 hours of Advanced Family Law and Mediation – 2011
Harvard Law School Negotiation Skills Workshop – 2012
Qualified under 153.610 and 153.3101 as a Parent Coordinator and Parent Facilitator


State Bar of Texas Board of Directors, District 7 Place 1 Representative (2021-present)
Family Law Council, State Bar of Texas (2020-present)
Grievance Committee – District 7 (2013- 2019)
State Bar of Texas
Texas Bar College
Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists
Tarrant County Bar Association

  • President (2021-2022)
  • President Elect (2020-2021)
  • Vice President (2019-2020)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (2018-2019)
  • Transition to Practice – Chair (2015-2016)
  • Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans (2014 – present)
  • Lawyer’s Against Domestic Violence – Past Chair
  • Fee Arbitration Committee – Past Chair and Member (2008-present)
  • People’s Law School Committee – Past Chair (2008)

Tarrant County Family Law Bar Association
Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Court – Associate Member (1999-2001)
Named by Texas Monthly as a “Rising Star” for 2004-2009
AV Rated by Martindale Hubbell (2010)
The Excel Center – Community Advisory Board Member (2008-2010)


  • Creative Possession Schedules.  2023 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION 101
  • Most Common Evidentiary Mistakes.  2022 ADVANCE TRIAL SKILLS FOR LAWYERS
  • Exhibits and Demonstrative Evidence:  Visually Persuading the Judge and Jury. 2022 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW
  • You Never Even Called Me By My Name:  Misunderstood (or Overlooked) Evidentiary Rules.  2022 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION INSTITUTE.
  • Planning and Preparing for Your Temporary Orders Hearing.  2017 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION 101.
  • Creative Possession Schedules.  2016 STATE BAR OF TEXAS ANNUAL MEETING.
  • Property Demonstration:  Top Evidentiary Problems.  2015 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW.
  • Temporary Orders.  2014 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION INSTITUTE 101.
  • Contempt Trial Demonstration.  2013 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW.
  • Initial Client Relations – Screening, Interviewing and Setting/Collecting a Fee.  2013 HANDLING YOUR FIRST (OR NEXT) DIVORCE.
  • Creative Possession Schedules.  2012 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW.
  • Working With (Instead of Against) Your Client.  2011 STATE BAR OF TEXAS WEBCAST.
  • Defending and Winning Breach of Fiduciary Claims by Summary Judgment (with J. Loveless).  2011 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW.
  • Creative Possession Schedules (with S. Naylor).  2010 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW DRAFTING COURSE.
  • Client Relations (with K. Redburn).  2010 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE BOOT CAMP.
  • How to Run a Law Office that Works (with J. Loveless).  SOAKING UP SOME CLE 2010 – A SOUTH TEXAS LITIGATION COURSE.
  • Case Evaluation (with I. Vanden Eykel).  STATE BAR COLLEGE SPRING TRAINING: WINNING BEFORE TRIAL 2010.
  • Courtroom Objections: Proper Methods of Objecting and Otherwise
  • Protecting Your Client in the Courtroom (with S. Naylor).  2009 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Getting Clients Ready to Testify and Preparing for Expert Witnesses.  STATE BAR COLLEGE SPRING TRAINING: WINNING BEFORE TRIAL 2008.
  • Competing Jurisdictions (with J. Loveless).  2008 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Witness Preparation in Family Law Cases (with S. Naylor and Judge Haddock).  2008 POVERTY LAW CONFERENCE.
  • Custom Fit Your Possession Order (with S. Naylor).  2007 STATE BAR COLLEGE SUMMER SCHOOL.
  • Witness Preparation (Does Practice Always Make Perfect?).  STATE BAR COLLEGE “SPRING TRAINING” 2007 WINNING BEFORE TRIAL.
  • Maximizing the Take at a Final Property Hearing (with J. Loveless).  2007 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Witness Preparation (Does Practice Always Make Perfect?).  2006 ULTIMATE TRIAL NOTEBOOK.
  • Discovery Management.  2007 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION BOOT CAMP (PANEL 1).
  • The Not So Easy to Identify Executive Employee Deferred Compensation Plans and Relevant Issues in their Identification, Taxation, Valuation and Characterization (with J. Loveless).  2006 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Ethics in Drafting.  2005 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW DRAFTING COURSE.
  • The Attorney and Legal Assistant Team (with J. Loveless).  2005 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION INSTITUTE.
  • Initial Client Contact (with S. Naylor).  2005 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE (FAMILY LAW BOOT CAMP).
  • Ethical Traps (with B. Webb, W. Burgower and L. DeAngelis).  2004 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION INSTITUTE.
  • Dealing with the Death, Disability or Retirement of a Solo Practitioner (with J. Loveless).  2003 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Drafting Before and After Mediation (with J. Loveless and J. Tull).  2002 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW DRAFTING COURSE.
  • Temporary & Protective Order Traps (with J. Loveless).  2002 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • When the Agreement Isn’t Agreeable – Defending and Attacking Mediated Settlement and Rule 11 Agreements (with J. Loveless).  2001 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Mediation:  Be Prepared and Have a Winning Notebook (with J. Loveless).  2000 ULTIMATE TRIAL NOTEBOOK CH. 1 and 2001 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Characterization and Tracing (with G. Nickelson, S. Beckman, B. Beverly and R. Accipiter).  1999 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Law Office Economics (with J. Loveless).  1999 ADVANCED FAMILY LAW COURSE.
  • Mediation –  Be Prepared (with J. Loveless).  1999 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION.
  • Handling a divorce involving a closely-held corporation (valuation, alter ego, Jensen, and other claims (with J. Loveless). 1998 MARRIAGE DISSOLUTION.